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Czech Trail: 1,000 and 1,000-kilometer First Official Czech Thru-Hike Trail

E-book about the Czech Trail is available now! You can buy it HERE

Anyone can do the Czech Trail. It is entirely up to you when, where and how you start. You can do the whole hike in one go, North or South Trail, or do sections one by one. Do a bit each weekend. Go west to east, or the other way round. From one hut to another, or sleep in a tent. Walk slowly or quickly – or you can run. Anyone can do it!

Czech Trail (“Stezka Českem”) is a non-commercial project of a group of enthusiasts who cooperate with Czech Tourist Club and offers an opportunity to set off on a beautiful and inspirational hike across the country. This website gives all the information necessary to start the hike: the exact length of individual sections, trail maps, tips on how to start, and more. If you would like more information such as the current trail condition and tips on where to sleep or get water, please check out our Facebook page Stezka Českem, where more experienced hikers offer their expert advice.

Get the necessary information, check what other hikers have to share about the trail – and off you go. Because anyone can do this hike!

Official app of the Czech Trail, FarOut, can be downloaded here:

Click here for the map of the entire trail

Click here for the map of the entire trail for the cyclists

Czech Trail mostly follows signposted trails set up and maintained in cooperation with the Czech Tourist Club (Klub českých turistů).

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