A pleasant read about thru-hikes to put you in the hiking mood (even while you are lying on your sofa): Neuvěřitelné příhody z hor (Hikers’ Unbelievable Stories), Neuvěřitelně uvěřitelné příhody z hor (Hikers’ Unbelievably Believable Stories), and Lehce neuvěřitelné příhody z hor/ Zima je jen pocit (Hikers’ Slightly Unbelievable Stories/Being Cold is Just a Feeling).

What to pack for a thru-hike? Try checking out the packing list of one of the adventurers who goes on thru-hikes all the time: click HERE (text in English) or HERE (tips from Czech sources in the Czech language).

How to get there? The best web site for the local transportation in the Czech Republic is HERE

For an interesting article which gives rules on where and how to sleep outdoors in Czechia, especially in protected areas, click HERE or HERE (Czech language only). 

HERE is a useful map showing shelters and other places to sleep. They vary in kind, quality and size, but they can come in handy.

If you are looking for up-to-date information such as where to sleep or get water, please ask other hikers on our Facebook page Stezka Českem.

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