Bílé Karpaty Mountain Range

A section similar to Javorníky in atmosphere, scenery, and in how far-off it is. For the most part, the trail keeps close to the Slovak border. Before the town of Vyškovec, it joins Cesta hrdinů SNP (the Slovak National Uprising Heroes Trail), and sticks to it almost all the way to the village of Javorník. By now, you will have been away from civilization for so long that the D1 Highway traffic news will seem about as relevant as a weather forecast on Mars. Ninety-three kilometers similar to the previous section, i.e. up and down, and then… up and down.

You can find this section in the official app of the Czech Trail, FarOut:

View the section on mapy.cz.

View the section for the cyclist on mapy.cz

70.5 km
2,484 m
2,559 m
Etapa 12

To get up-to-date information on the trail’s condition, ask other hikers on the Facebook group Stezka Českem.

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