The Czech Canada

One of the shortest sections with highlights such as the Vranovská přehrada (Reservoir Dam), the castle of Landštejn, the town of Slavonice with its renaissance houses, and the beautiful landscape of the Czech Canada itself. Those who would like to explore it further can turn north past Slavonice, or take a train from Bystřice on the picturesque narrow-gauge railway to the station of Kaproun, which became famous thanks to Jára Cimrman (a popular fictitious character), and then take the red trail to the castle of Landštejn (or the other way around if you are hiking east to west). The section has almost no hills to speak of, so if you have been hiking for some time, you will easily pass through the area in three days.

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98.9 km
1,484 m
1,205 m
Etapa 15

To get up-to-date information on the trail’s condition, ask other hikers on the Facebook group Stezka Českem.

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