Stezka ČESKEM thru hike

Český les (The Czech Forest)

Český les (The Czech Forest) The last – or the first – section of the Southern Trail. A deserted trail along the border which – as the name suggests – mostly goes through woods. It also has long, straight treeless stretches, almost always with a hard surface. Check the itinerary to see how to avoid them. This trail will not take you to the center of Earth, but you may find yourself, figuratively speaking, in the center of Europe. If this is the end of your trip, it is an easy section to finish with, and if it is your first, it offers great warm-up before you hit the real hills.

Tips for the section:

Check the itinerary to see how to avoid long stretches with hard surfaces. There is a beautiful and well maintained path along the border.

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Download a detailed itinerary in the PDF format.

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131 km
2,100 m
2,100 m
Etapa 20


To get up-to-date information on the trail’s condition, ask other hikers on the Facebook group Stezka Českem.

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