Orlicke hory

The section will give WW2 enthusiasts wild dreams long after they visit. There are dozens of bunkers along the way, as well as expositions and exhibitions with WW2 artifacts. The trail gets onto the main crest via beautiful meadows and picturesque villages at the foothills. Most of the crest is wooded, and you will need to climb one of the local lookout towers to get a good view. Ninety kilometers without much elevation can easily be covered in three days.

You can find this section in the official app of the Czech Trail, FarOut:

View the section on mapy.cz.

View the section for the cyclists on mapy.cz

92 km
2,200 m
2,000 m
3 – 4 days

To get up-to-date information on the trail’s condition, ask other hikers on the Facebook group Stezka Českem .

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