Šumava Mountains

The central part of the Šumava Mountains is one of the most beautiful parts of the entire thru-hike. The trail takes you to gorgeous peaks, abandoned village ruins, and deserted spots, as well as the very centers of tourism such as Modrava. The Šumava National Park Administration have built a network of emergency overnight campsites (EOCs) where you can spend the night and move on the next morning. We recommend that you do a ritual dance around the campfire and pray for good weather as the crest trail between Plechý and Třístoličník will be all the more rewarding in full sunshine.

Tips for the section:

Up until May 31, the stretch between Dolní Cazov and Dolní Silnice za Novým Údolím is closed. Watch out – mapy.cz sends you off the right track. The details of the correct route can be found in the itinerary.

Rules for emergency overnight campsites can be found here: https://www.npsumava.cz/en/visit-sumava/emergency-overnight-campsites/

You can find this section in the official app of the Czech Trail, FarOut:

View the section on mapy.cz.

View the section for the cyclists on mapy.cz

105 km
2,456 m
2,693 m
Etapa 18


To get up-to-date information on the trail’s condition, ask other hikers on the Facebook group Stezka Českem.

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