About us

Fifteen years ago, some friends and I started doing long thru-hikes in places no travel agency will take you. Step by step, we traveled through most of the Balkans, Iceland, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, and lots of other countries and trails. In 2019, we hiked through one of the most difficult treks in the world – the Great Divide Trail in the Canadian Rockies. This is a 1,200-kilometer thru-hike in absolute wilderness, which sees only around 50 people a year. When we came back, we thought it was a shame we didn’t have anything similar in Czechia, and decided to take action: we spent the year of 2020 hiking, planning and creating routes on the map.

I have had two very unserious books published: Neuvěřitelné příhody z hor (Hikers’ Unbelievable Stories) and  Neuvěřitelně uvěřitelné příhody z hor (Hikers’ Unbelievably Believable Stories). Another book was published in November 2020: Lehce neuvěřitelné příhody z hor/ Zima je jen pocit. (Hikers’ Slightly Unbelievable Stories/Being Cold is Just a Feeling). They might inspire you on your trips, or show you that things are never so bad… that they can’t get worse!

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A big thank you to friends and others who have participated in the building of the trail: Eliška, Pavel, Vojta, Danča, Lukáš, PJ, Mishka, Hanka, Alena, Czech Tourist Club and all the Trail Angels.

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